How to Train Your Baron for the HOLIDAYS


HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BARON, My debut historical romance is ON SALE now until January 2, 2019

Check out this fun & sexy Regency romp now when the ebook is only 99 cents!!

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While shopping, don’t forget the Holiday anthology, LOVE REKINDLED AT CHRISTMAS, containing FIVE never-before-published novellas. This treasure-trove of historical romances is ALSO available in ebook format for only 99 cents. This book will NOT be available after 1/1/2019, so buy it now!

In my novella, LET IT SNOW, the long-distance friendship of Saffron Thomas and Tobin Everleigh builds and blossoms with each meeting but it takes a holiday gathering, a game of Snapdragon gone wrong, and a snowstorm to show them that they might be more than friends after all.

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