Starting 2019 with Newsletter FUN

The lovely, fantabulous LEXXIE COUPER invited me to play SEVEN RIDICULOUS QUESTIONS on her latest newsletter!

The questions, along with my ridiculous answers:

seven questions 1

seven questions 2

Yes, Edna Mode!

While I’m putting the finishing touches on book two of my What Happens in the Ballroom series (I’m hoping for another hot sexy cover), check out book one, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BARON  on AMAZON



Lexxie Couper’s LEXXICON newsletter is always a fun, informative read for lovers of romantic fiction.

lexxie logo

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As always, feel free to comment. I won’t collect your email, I won’t send you a newsletter or insist you prove you’re not a robot by deciphering an unintelligible secret code. I will delete spam, dick-pics, and all efforts to sell me “male enhancement” products.


7 thoughts on “Starting 2019 with Newsletter FUN

  1. I just finished reading How to Train Your Baron, and loved it. I’ve also order the Christmas collection. I look forward to Your next book in the series.
    Sally Griffith


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