ENTANGLED Historical Romance SALE

Entangled Publishing is offering over 200 ebooks

for the ridiculous price of only 99 cents each

from 2/5 thru 2/18!!

ENT book sale 1

Check it out all the titles Here:  SALE

Have a NOOK? Barnes & Nobles is participating! Check out Entangled titles on Sale for 99 Cents here: NOOK

Book One of my “What happens in the Ballroom” series, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BARON is included in this sale.

Pick up your copy before book two comes out this Spring.

Find it at AMAZON

Find it at Barnes & Noble


Here’s a sneak peek at Book Two:

ETE book 2 excerpt

Remember, following your heart means leaving something else behind.

CHECK BACK SOON for Book Two Release Date!




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7 thoughts on “ENTANGLED Historical Romance SALE

  1. I just finished reading How to Train Your Baron, and loved it. I’ve also order the Christmas collection. I look forward to Your next book in the series.
    Sally Griffith


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