When wishing for adventure, one should always be specific.

Fairy tales have survived for hundreds of years because they touch on universal thoughts and emotions. They are tales of quests for truth and the consequences of falsehoods, the search for love, the road to ruin and the satisfaction of redemption. When I first started writing the “What Happens in the Ballroom” series, I envisioned incorporating elements of well-known fairy tales into playful historical romances. Readers will recognize these themes and, hopefully, be entertained by them again.


Book One of my series is a Regency romp mash-up of Cinderella and Humpty-Dumpty. Scottish baron, Lord Quin Graham, loses his shoe at a ball while trying to help the daughter of a duke, Elsinore Cosgrove. His shoe is used as proof of impropriety, and a hasty marriage is arranged. When Elsinore discovers her husband is a broken man shattered by his past, she schemes to put him back together again and mold him into the husband she knows he can be.


When Bostonian Julianna Latham finds herself stranded in London as the Revolutionary War breaks out, she feels very much a fish out of water. In this Georgian mash-up of Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, Julianna meets an Earl who wears his scars on the outside and hides his heart and an Earl with a wise, smiling face who would do anything to hide his treachery. As she decides which Earl is the real beast, she is offered passage on the sea journey that could take her back home and away from them both.


Rake Kerrigen Northam survives on looks, wit, and little white lies. When one of his falsehoods turns out to be not so harmless, he struggles to make everything right again. Caught in his web of lies, Liberty Chalford must find a way to save both their reputations. In this Regency mash-up of Pinocchio and The Three Little Pigs, Liberty and Kerrigen discover the truth of what they seek exists in each other.